Frequently Asked Questions

Medical cannabis encompasses the utilisation of cannabis plants and their extracts for therapeutic purposes, primarily featuring compounds like THC and CBD. Should you qualify, we at Script Assist are dedicated to streamlining your journey to obtain a medical cannabis prescription, making it both convenient and hassle-free. 

Indeed, medical cannabis enjoys legal recognition in the UK and can be prescribed after the exploration of conventional, licensed medications have failed. 

Only specialist doctors registered on the General Medical Council Specialist Register possess the authorisation to prescribe medical cannabis. Subsequently, once a prescription has been issued, a General Practitioner or another healthcare professional may oversee your care under a documented shared care agreement with the initiating specialist. 

In the UK, medical cannabis can be prescribed for a wide range of conditions once licensed medications have proven ineffective. Notably, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and psychiatric conditions are among the most commonly prescribed conditions for medical cannabis treatment in the UK. 

To embark on your journey towards securing a medical cannabis prescription, you can conveniently download the Script Assist App. 

Contact your Script-Assist enabled doctor or Script-Assist enabled clinic who can provide you with a live formulary. 

Potential side effects associated with a medical cannabis prescription may encompass dizziness, dry mouth, mood fluctuations, and other similar related effects. 

Driving while impaired by medical cannabis is illegal and should never be attempted. 

Medical cannabis can be administered in a variety of forms, including oils, capsules, and vaporised dried flowers. In the UK, the most frequently prescribed products are medical cannabis oil, which is taken orally using a dropper, and medical cannabis flower, which is consumed via vaporisation. Smoking medical cannabis remains illegal and will not be prescribed.

It is imperative to investigate the legalities surrounding medical cannabis in your destination country, as regulations vary internationally so please do check with the embassy of your destination. If medical cannabis is permissible in your destination country, then you will also require a travel letter from your prescribing doctor giving details of your prescription, as well as a copy of your prescription. Fortunately, your Script Assist Patient App provides access to your medical cannabis prescription, should you require proof of your prescription while travelling. 

With your Script Assist App in hand, you should securely and legally travel within the UK, thanks to easy access to your medical cannabis prescription. 

It is important to understand that medical cannabis has been reported to improve quality of life symptoms and primarily serves as a tool for managing symptoms rather than providing a cure for underlying medical conditions. 

For insight into potential interactions between medical cannabis and other medications, please consult your doctor, as cannabis may influence the effectiveness of other drugs. 

While the risk of addiction associated with medical cannabis is relatively low, responsible usage as prescribed remains essential. 

To maintain its efficacy and prevent unauthorised access, it is essential to store medical cannabis in a secure, child-proof location, shielded from direct sunlight and moisture.