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What is Script Assist?

Script Assist is an easy-to-use App that empowers eligible patients with private cannabis prescriptions in the UK alongside personalised care from private doctors.

Effortlessly choose the right doctor for you.

Head to our Find a Doctor page to find private doctors than can prescribe via Script Assist and provide you personalised care. 


Seamlessly book and join your consultations via your App.

Doctors with active Live Diary Access allow you to book and join seamlessly through your App.


Simply pay and track your UK medical cannabis prescriptions via your App.

Pay by 3pm to guarantee next-day delivery by 1pm.


Easily request repeat medical cannabis prescriptions via your App.

Transparent access to 24/7 Live Inventory means you only request repeat prescriptions from products we have in-stock and available to you.


From finding a doctor to monthly repeats, life can be simple and personal.

Take our online assessment to find out if you are eligible for medical cannabis today.





Fully licensed by the MHRA and the Home Office since 2019.

Helping 100s of patients like you with easy and efficient access to their UK medical cannabis prescriptions.

Easily Find-a-Doctor

Welcome to 2024, where digital platforms continue to revolutionise the world, and you can connect with a Script Assist enabled private doctor for a medical cannabis prescription, and a holistic, personalised care plan, in a matter of minutes.

  • Go to the Find-a-Doctor page and look for doctors that treat your condition.
  • Read each doctor’s bio and check their costs.
  • If you’re condition is covered by your private medical insurance, you can search for doctors that may be covered by your policy.
  • After you’ve found a doctor that you want to connect with, send them an enquiry directly. You’ll give some more info at this stage, and we’ll share everything with the doctor.
  • After downloading the Script Assist App you’ll be notified whether your enquiry has been accepted.

Simply Book, Pay & Join Your Consultation

Booking and holding a consultation for a medical cannabis prescription can be easy, simple & efficient.

  • Once your enquiry is accepted, easily access your doctor’s calendar and request an available slot via your Script Assist App.
  • Select from online or in-person consultation types.
  • Your doctor will accept your request and you’ll receive a notification to pay via your Script Assist App.
  • Pay for your consultation via your Script Assist App or submit an authorisation code from your Private Medical Insurance.
  • You can then simply join the consultation from your Script Assist App.

Easily Pay & Track Your Prescription

Pay by 3pm to guarantee next-day delivery by 1pm, Monday – Saturday.

  • You’ll be notified at every step of your medical cannabis journey and prompted to pay via the App at the right time.
  • For your first prescription your doctor will present your case to other healthcare professionals for a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) review.
  • Your App will notify you when this is complete.
  • Your doctor will then print and send your prescription to the pharmacy.
  • Your App will notify you when it has arrived at the pharmacy and prompt you to pay for your prescription.
  • After you’ve paid, your medical cannabis prescription will be dispensed and you’ll be notified.
  • Your App will then provide you with a code to track your prescription from the pharmacy to your doorstep.
  • If you pay before 3pm your medical cannabis prescription will be delivered by 1pm the next day Monday – Saturday.

Effortlessly Order Repeat Cannabis Prescriptions

Receive timely notifications from your Script Assist App when your medication is running low, and then simply request your repeat with a few simple clicks.

  • Firstly, whenever requesting a repeat via Script Assist, you can only select from in-stock products with 100% live inventory.
  • All doctors will enable you to request repeats of any previous in-stock products you have been prescribed previously.
  • Your doctor may also enable you to request repeats from any in-stock products you have been prescribed or any equivalent medication, this is at their discretion.
  • After you request a repeat through the Script Assist App your doctor can accept with a single click, at which point you will be notified.
  • Your doctor will print and send your prescription to the pharmacy, at which point you will be prompted to pay.
  • Pay before 3pm and your medical cannabis prescription will arrive before 1pm the next day Monday – Saturday.

Use Your Private Medical Insurance

If covered for your condition, get an authorisation code from your insurance company to see a specific doctor you have chosen on Script Assist.

  • First of all check your Private Medical Insurance policy to see whether your condition is covered.
  • Most chronic conditions are excluded from Private Medical Insurance, but more and more policies now include a range of mental health conditions.
  • Check with your insurance provider whether you can initiate the process using an open-letter of referral from a GP.
  • Check on our Find a Doctor page for doctors covered by your insurance company.
  • To find out whether your specific policy covers your chosen doctor, contact your insurance provider.
  • Make an enquiry with your chosen doctor on our Find a Doctor page.
  • Get an open letter of referral from your GP and an authorisation code from your insurer.
  • Insert your authorisation code instead of self-paying for your consultation.

Prove You’re a Patient

Easily access a digital copy of your hard copy UK medical cannabis prescription that was sent to the Script Assist pharmacy through the App at any point in time.

  • Click on Prescriptions and select any prescription.
  • Click on the button that says Physical Prescription Copy.
  • A copy of your physical prescription will be instantly emailed.

Actively Track Your Progress

During your consultation with the doctor, you can discuss setting some goals in the patient app. Customise your tracking frequency to suit your lifestyle and health goals.

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Frequently asked Questions

An online platform enabling medical cannabis prescribing from any private setting.

Medical cannabis encompasses the utilisation of cannabis plants and their extracts for therapeutic purposes, primarily featuring compounds like THC and CBD. Should you qualify, we at Script Assist are dedicated to streamlining your journey to obtain a medical cannabis prescription, making it both convenient and hassle-free. 

Indeed, medical cannabis enjoys legal recognition in the UK and can be prescribed after the exploration of conventional, licensed medications have failed. 

Only specialist doctors registered on the General Medical Council Specialist Register possess the authorisation to prescribe medical cannabis. Subsequently, once a prescription has been issued, a General Practitioner or another healthcare professional may oversee your care under a documented shared care agreement with the initiating specialist. 

In the UK, medical cannabis can be prescribed for a wide range of conditions, particularly when licensed medications have proven ineffective. Notably, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and cannabis treatment for mental health are among the most commonly prescribed conditions for medical cannabis treatment in the UK. 

Medical cannabis, prescribed by a doctor, is typically administered in specific doses through methods like vaping or taking an oil. This ensures a personalised and carefully monitored approach to its use. On the other hand, recreational cannabis is ingested by smoking or via edibles, without specific dosages or any medical guidance. 

Yes, patients have been able to buy medical cannabis in the UK since medical cannabis was legalised for medical reasons in the UK since 2018.

Contact your Script-Assist enabled doctor or Script-Assist enabled clinic who can provide you with a live formulary. 

Our Digital Advantage: Advance Your Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions and Care With Script Assist

Why settle for a poor experience? Let Script Assist revolutionise your experience for medical marijuana in the UK.

If you’re an existing medical cannabis patient you’re aware by now that Script Assist is unique and very different to the other options currently available in the UK for medicinal cannabis prescriptions.

You also realise, intuitively, that this changes the landscape of the UK’s medical cannabis market. You may not, however, yet understand why we are different.

Script Assist: A Tech Platform Not a Clinic

Script Assist is a tech platform not a clinic. Doctor and clinics access Script Assist to manage all their medical cannabis patients and medical cannabis prescriptions, connecting with their patients via the Script Assist App.

Script Assist ensures that there is enough inventory on-hand to fulfil all the patient demand and dispenses directly to patient’s doors.

Remember how we used to get taxis in the olden days? The entire country used to phone taxi companies on their landlines and even booking in advance couldn’t guarantee you’d eventually arrive on time.

Then along came ride-hailing apps, where tech companies gave each type of user (drivers and customers, for example) the right digital solution to manage their journey. Almost overnight we were all showing up on time, cool, calm, and collected.

Starting to get what this means?

When you use a doctor or a clinic that is using Script Assist, you can rest assured that everyone’s journey is being managed in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner. There are no errors, no need to re-issue medical cannabis prescriptions and no need to wait on hold for hours.

So, does this mean I have better or more choice?

Firstly this means that you will only ever select from in-stock products when requesting your monthly repeat.

All doctors will let you freely request any in-stock product that you have previously been prescribed. It’s also possible that your doctor may enable you to request your repeat from any equivalent medication, the prescription of which remains purely at their discretion.

You will only ever be presented with in-stock products at the point of prescription, therefore anything that you request will be reserved for you personally.

Script Assist: Available Soon at a Clinic Near You

The easy way to use Script Assist today is to visit the Find-a-Doctor page and connect with one of our existing UK based specialists that can prescribe medical cannabis via Script Assist. If covered by private health insurance, you may be able use this to cover your consultation costs, but not the cost of your medical cannabis prescription.

You can also find our ground-breaking Script Assist technology supporting a number of private clinics, including medical cannabis clinics in the UK. Don’t worry, you will know if your clinic is supported by Script Assist as you’ll receive an email from your Clinic Manager and an invite from Script Assist.

Script Assist: Enabling Doctors to Revolutionise Prescribing for Medical Marijuana in the UK.

Imagine yourself as a UK specialist doctor, sitting at your desk with a coffee, and a patient walks through your door.

You feel their frustration at the lack of progress on multiple licenced therapies. They’ve tried black market or “street” cannabis in the UK, and it’s worked well with little adverse side-effects. Cannabis is legal in the UK for medical reasons, and therefore you’re seriously considering it as a treatment option. The patient is aware that people are buying medical cannabis online and know that the NHS don’t offer medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

You’d love to help them but first need to navigate the highly intricate maze of medical cannabis compliance, regulation, and supply chain. For example;

  • Mitigating regulatory risk for medicinal marijuana in the UK.
  • Ensuring patient safety by access to an MDT.
  • Guiding your patients on products and dosage.
  • Reassuring your patients on product availability.
  • Efficiently managing every medicinal cannabis prescribing process.

Script Assist: Your Trusted 24/7 Partner in Medical Cannabis Management

Script Assist: Empowering Doctors with Knowledge & Support

Script Assist both solves all technical problems and provides a wealth of ongoing training and support.

CPD-Accredited Training

Build your professional experience around medicinal cannabis prescriptions with our CPD accredited monthly training sessions rotating between Pain Management, Neurology, and Psychiatry.

MDT Access

Join our MDTs for free to continue enhancing your UK medicinal cannabis prescription knowledge.

Expert MDT Treatment Advice

Submit cases to our MDT to get the advice from  experts on an appropriate treatment plan.

Buddy System with Pharmacy Support

Join our buddy system for new doctors and always have a direct line to our pharmacy team during our support hours.

At Script Assist, Empathy, Efficiency, Empowerment and Excellence shapes every aspect our Medicinal Cannabis Prescription service.

At Script Assist we live by our four values, Empathy, Efficiency, Empowerment and Excellence.

Great question, however, empathy is our most important value.

At the heart of Script Asist is a deep empathy for the struggle faced by real patients seeking medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

This is born from the empathy Arjun felt for his mother struggling with both debilitating chronic pain, and the frustration of trying to buy medical cannabis in the UK.

Guided by our deep sense of empathy, we view every decision through the eyes of our patients.

Our dedication to efficiency revolutionises the medical cannabis patient experience through eliminating errors, hugely reducing wait times and increase patient power and control.

We do this using efficient journey management, the old-school way! We map out every single medical cannabis journey on white-boards and challenge them repeatedly to make sure that they are as efficient as possible.

We then build these processes in the platform and test them with real life user data and medical cannabis prescriptions. If we find any efficiencies, then we improve the processes.

Script Assist actively empowers doctors and patients to take control of their medical cannabis prescriptions by streamlining their journey and bringing clarity and visibility to the forefront. Cannabis is a treatment for mental health, at the very least the process itself can empower patients by removing all of the frustration.

By removing barriers to change we enable doctors and clinics to act more flexibly and to better serve their patients.

We empower doctors and clinics all of types to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK through providing them with the right technology, increasing the gross amount of patient access available in the UK.    

If there is one thing that the cofounders of Script Assist learned with 20+ years of combined experience working for the leading consulting firms and investment banks in the UK, it is the foundational importance of excellence.

All the empathy that we feel, the efficiency and empowerment that we strive for would be worthless without our fundamental ability to deliver against every single word of our guarantees.

At Script Assist, it’s the excellence that enables the seamless care at your fingertips.