Empowered to Prescribe: A Doctor’s Perspective

A Q&A with Dr. Ilan Lieberman MB BS FRCA FFPMRCA

Within the dynamic landscape of medical cannabis, the incorporation of new treatments is guided by the  lights of revolutionary technology and evidence based practices. Dr. Ilan Lieberman, an experienced pain management specialist, shares his journey from scepticism to advocacy for medical cannabis, aided by the digital advancements of Script Assist.

Q: Dr. Lieberman, could you describe your experience before Script Assist?

A: Prior to Script Assist, the landscape was fragmented. Dedicated cannabis clinics were the norm, but they stood apart from our established healthcare practices. Such isolation not only created a bias but also presented barriers to integrating medical cannabis into routine care. There was a pressing need for a system that would align with the UK’s healthcare ethos.

Q: How did Script Assist transform your practice?

 A: Script Assist has been a game-changer. It provided a platform rooted in governance, quality. The risk mitigation and controlled prescribing Script Assist offers has instilled confidence in my practice. The platform’s seamless onboarding, patient data gathering, and MDT review align perfectly with GMC guidance and bring an invaluable network of support.

Q: Can you share how Script Assist has impacted your workflow?

 A: Absolutely. The digital platform has simplified every aspect—from printing prescriptions to arranging telehealth appointments. It integrates effortlessly with existing EMR systems or stands alone robustly. It’s the kind of oversight and control that not only benefits cannabinoid medicine but can be a model for all prescription management.

Q: Dr. Lieberman, how has this technology impacted your patients?

 A: Let me give you an example. A 71-year-old male patient suffering from fibromyalgia was struggling with conventional pain medications, barely managing his symptoms. With Script Assist, we tailored a cannabis-based treatment discussed with peers through a Multidisciplinary Team Review (MDT), monitored his progress closely, and adjusted dosages in real-time. The improvement in his quality of life was remarkable – reduced pain, increased mobility, and significantly reduced opioid usage.

Q: What’s your perspective on the future of healthcare technology?

 A: Script Assist is leading the charge. It empowers doctors to not only prescribe but also to understand the profound impact of their decisions. It’s about informed, data-driven care, and I believe this is just the beginning. We’re on the cusp of a new era where technology like Script Assist can redefine patient care across all fields of medicine.

Q: Any final thoughts for your peers considering Script Assist?

A: The integration into my private practice has been astounding, supported by a dedicated team that provides training for my clinical and administrative staff. I encourage my colleagues to explore Script Assist, not just for its immediate benefits in prescribing medical cannabis but for its broader potential in enhancing patient care. It’s an investment in your practice’s future and, most importantly, in your patients’ well-being.

Dr. Lieberman’s experience with Script Assist sheds light on the significant changes the platform brings to healthcare professionals and their patients. Script Assist goes beyond being a mere tool; it acts as a collaborative partner, enhancing the understanding of each patient’s unique healthcare journey, thereby facilitating more effective and empathetic care.

Join the Revolution in Patient Care

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