Want to Expand into Medical Cannabis Prescribing?

Looking to prescribe medical cannabis from your existing clinic or launch a profitable, digital medical cannabis clinic with sky-high patient satisfaction levels and your own branded app? 

How to Expand your Clinic or Launch A Digital Medical Cannabis Clinic With Script Assist  

At Script Assist we enable any CQC holder to effortlessly expand into prescribing medical cannabis with a fully streamlined digital journey for doctors, patients and clinic staff.

Watch our explainer video or request a demo  

Understand the seamlessness that Script Assist provides you, your doctors and your patients.


Understand regulations and commercials 

Get in touch to understand how we make medical cannabis regulatory compliant and profitable.  


Choose your formulary  

Select which medical cannabis products you would like to make available to your patients. 


Send us your brand assets  

Let us fully white-label our entire platform for you, complete with a bespoke branded Patient App. 


Allow us to connect you to Script-Assist trained doctors 

Get in touch to discuss how we help you recruit doctors trained in medical cannabis prescribing & Script Assist for your clinic. 


Grow patient numbers fast, whilst effortlessly delivering seamless service to your patients 

From viewing live inventory levels, to accepting your patient’s repeat requests with a single click, Script Assist empowers you & your doctors to prescribe medical cannabis safely and effortlessly.   


So, just how easy and seamless is the experience of using Script Assist as a doctor or clinic staff? 

  • Easily issue digital prescriptions and accept repeat requests from patients with one simple click.
  • Experience automated, permissioned shared care hierarchies for efficient management of monthly repeats
  • Seamlessly print your digital prescriptions directly onto hard copy FP10s for super smooth simplicity. 
  • Submit your cases to an MDT of experienced prescribers, unless you chose to manage MDTs yourself.
  • Choose whether to use our booking, scheduling and telehealth tools, empowering your patients to join consultations directly through their patient app.
  • Relax in the knowledge our automated compliance checks will keep you notified.
  • See whether the medication is working for your patients by simply agreeing any health and wellness goals that you want your patients to track seamlessly via the patient app. 
  • Select from an extensive formulary of medical cannabis products, with 24/7 live inventory.  

How simple is Script Assist for my clinic’s patients? 

Your patient’s journey, either using the Script Assist app, or your own branded app, removes all stresses and strains from your patient and enables a seamless, transparent, and highly efficient journey. 

Contact the team at sales@scriptassist.co.uk to discuss providing your patients with first-class, digitally enabled service levels  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In addition to consultation costs, you’re able to generate income through Script Assist, should a patient choose to use either the Script Assist pharmacy or your own pharmacy. 
  2. Contact the team at sales@scriptassist.co.uk to discuss how our commercial agreements work 

A large number of studies are available outlining the evidence for cannabis and anxiety treatment. Several of these are shown below:

  • Alongside effortless medical cannabis prescribing, Script Assist contains booking, scheduling, telehealth and patient records tools for free 
  • You are free to use your current clinic software alongside Script Assist, or use our free integrated tools 
  • Contact the team at sales@scriptassist.co.uk to discuss the simplest way forward 
  • No, if you are not advertising this as a service, on your website for example. 
  • Yes, if you are advertising this as a service.