At Script Assist, we demystify the costs associated with medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

Medicine Costs


Prescriptions range from 10g to 60g monthly, costing ~£6 to ~£9 per gram, so ~£60 – £540 per month.


Varies based on THC/CBD content and size, from around £80 – £200 per bottle.  

Average total monthly cost

Between £80 – £300. 

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation

Starting from £150, up to around £300. You only pay this once. 


Starting from around £75 each.
A doctor typically requires a follow-up in the first few months , and then every six months once your medication has stabilised.

Insurance Claims

Possible reimbursement through private health insurance. 

Repeat Prescription Fee

Repeat Prescription Fee

Some doctors may charge a fee for issuing a prescription, starting at £15 on non-consultation months.

Total Average Cost

Annual Cost of Medicine

The yearly cost to you of medicine is approximately £900

Annual Cost of Doctor

The yearly cost to you with a Script Assist enabled doctor is approximately £400-500 depending on the doctor’s fees.  

Script Assist £0.99 Processing Fee

Script Assist charges a £0.99 processing fee on every payment

Why Script Assist? 

  • We offer a streamlined digital platform for an efficient prescription process. 
  • Access to a network of Script Assist enabled doctors for reliable and convenient service.