Read a selection of our Script Assist patient testimonials here.

“Script Assist has changed the game for me when it came to managing my chronic pain. The speed and efficacy to which I got my prescriptions, really improved my life quality.”


34, Chronic Pain Patient 

“Getting a medical Cannabis prescription used to be a nightmare for me. However, since using Script Assist, it has been very stress free and I cannot thank them enough.”


42, Multiple Sclerosis

“It has been a huge relief to find a company like Script Assist. I feel much less anxious about my medical cannabis prescriptions now. It made it so simple and efficient.”


29, Anxiety Disorder

“Script Assist has helped me with my PTSD. The platform is convenient and user friendly making my access to medication much easier.” 


56, Veteran with PTSD

“When suffering from migraines, you just want a quick and easy process to get your prescriptions. Script Assist has made it possible for me.”


31, Chronic Migraine

“I’ve struggled with back pain for years. Script Assist’s great service and quick delivery have made a significant difference in managing it.


38, Chronic Back Pain

“During cancer recovery, managing pain was very important and Script Assist has been very helpful with their easy-to-use app.”


47, Cancer Survivor

“Script Assist has been very reliable in providing me access to my arthritis medication. Quick and efficient. I’m quite happy with it.”


50, Arthritis

“The Script Assist platform is so user friendly. Getting my prescriptions is now as easy as pressing a button. Delivery is very quick. I love it”


26, Epilepsy

“I struggle with insomnia and came across Script Assist when looking for Medical Cannabis. Was surprised with the great service. Super easy to use.”


60, Chronic Insomnia