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How Does Script Assist Make It Easy and Personal?

Script Assist connects you to a private doctor for personalised care and a fully streamlined digital journey for your cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

Easily choose a private doctor that prescribes for your condition

Read each doctor’s biography on our Find a Doctor page and enquire with the doctor that works for you.


Simply book & join your consultation via the Script Assist App.

Book a slot directly in your doctor’s diary and then simply join via the App when notified.


Easily pay via the Script Assist App and then track your prescription right to your doorstep.

If you pay by 3pm via the App, then you will receive your cannabis prescription before 1pm the next-day.


Access live inventory 24/7 via the Script Assist App when you request your monthly medical cannabis prescription repeat.

Only ever choose from in-stock medical cannabis products when requesting a repeat via the App.


Your medical cannabis UK prescription can be easy and personal.

Take our online assessment to find out if you are eligible for medical cannabis today

Pick The Right Doctor For You  

Medicinal cannabis in the UK is now available from private specialist doctors, not only from cannabis clinics.

  • Go to our Find a Doctor page.
  • Search for a doctor than can offer prescription cannabis for your condition.
  • Read each doctor’s biography to understand their experience.
  • Check how much each doctor costs and the services they offer in return.
  • If you want to see them in-person check their location.
  • If your condition is covered by insurance check which insurance providers cover each doctor.
  • When you have selected your doctor simply make an enquiry and provide some extra details. 

Easily Book, Pay & Join Your Consultation

Doctors with Live Diary Access will let you book a slot directly in their diary. If so, seamlessly pay & join the consultation via your Script Assist App.

  • After your doctor has accepted your enquiry you can book a consultation.
  • Select a Doctor with Live Diary Access.
  • Simply select a time and make a booking request.
  • When your doctor accepts your booking request you’ll be able to pay.
  • Pay either via the Script Assist App, or submit an authorisation code from your insurer.
  • Your booking is now confirmed, and you’ll be notified when it’s time to join the consultation.
  • Simply join through the Script Assist App at the right time.

Simply Pay and Track Your Medical Cannabis Prescription

Pay for your cannabis prescription before 3pm and receive it before 1pm the next day.

  1. MDT Pending: This is the first notification you’ll receive regarding your cannabis prescription in the UK. For your first prescription only, your doctor will submit your case to a team of other healthcare professionals to review. This should take no more than 48 hours. 
  1. MDT Complete: When the MDT for your medical cannabis prescription in the UK is complete, you’ll receive another update. Once the MDT has signed off on your prescription, your doctor will post your physical prescription to the Script Assist pharmacy. 
  1. Awaiting Prescription Receipt: Your doctor has printed your prescription for cannabis in the UK (no hand-written errors with Script Assist!)  onto a hard-copy prescription pad and has sent this to the Script Assist pharmacy. 
  1. Payment Pending: When your prescription for cannabis has landed at the Script Assist pharmacy, you’ll be prompted to pay. You can either pay via card or with our integrated open banking capabilities.
  1. Payment Settled: As soon as you make payment for your UK prescription for cannabis, you’ll be notified that your payment has been settled.
  1. Awaiting Dispensing: After you’ve paid you’ll be notified that your medical cannabis on prescription products in the UK are coming off our shelves soon. 
  1. Pick & Pack: This means that your cannabis prescription is being finalised for dispensing.  
  1. Dispensing Complete: Your medical cannabis prescription is on the way! 

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll then share the tracking number from our secure delivery partner, via our Script Assist App, and your prescription will arrive imminently!  

Effortlessly Order Repeat Cannabis Prescriptions

Every month simply choose which prescription cannabis products to request on your medical cannabis prescription, with access to fully transparent and live inventory levels.

  • Firstly, whenever requesting a repeat via Script Assist, you can only select from in-stock products with 100% live inventory.
  • Your Script Assist App will notify you when you’re running low on medication.
  • Simply click on Repeat.
  • Request a repeat prescription from any in-stock medical cannabis products you’ve ever been prescribed.
  • Your doctor may also allow you to request from any equivalent in-stock medical cannabis products.
  • Your doctor will print and send your prescription to the pharmacy, at which point you will be prompted to pay.
  • Pay before 3pm and your medical cannabis prescription will arrive before 1pm the next day Monday – Saturday.

Use Your Private Medical Insurance

If covered for your condition, get an authorisation code from your insurance company to see a specific doctor you have chosen on Script Assist.

  • Check with your Private Medical Insurance to see if your condition is covered: most chronic conditions are excluded but more and more insurance companies now offer mental health coverage.
  • Check whether you’re able to initiate a claim using an open letter of referral from a GP (addressed to any specialist for your condition).
  • Check on our Find a Doctor page to find doctors covered by insurance company and then check with your insurance company whether any are included on your specific policy.
  • Request an open letter of referral from your GP and get an authorisation code.
  • When prompted to pay or submit insurance code for your consultation, simply input your insurance code.

Be Calm with Your Hard Copy Prescription in Your Pocket 

Every single cannabis private prescription in the UK, when dispensed by Script Assist, is available to patients instantly via their App.

  • Select any medical cannabis prescription.
  • Click Physical Prescription Copy.
  • A copy of your physical medical cannabis prescription will be emailed to you instantly.
  • Relax in the knowledge that Script Assist has you covered.

Effortlessly Measure Your Progress

Patients that want to measure their progress whilst medicating with prescription cannabis in the UK, can simply track against any health and wellness goals that they agree with their doctor.

  • During your cannabis prescription consultation, discuss your interest in agreeing some health and wellness goals track.
  • Agree how many goals you’re going to track.
  • Agree how often you’re going to track against your goals in the Script Asst App.
  • Your doctor will set-up these mutually agreed goals and they will appear in your Script Assist App.
  • Your app will seamlessly notify you when you have goals to complete, and this can be done effortlessly with one simple click per goal. 
  • Your doctor has live access to how you’re performing against your goals, enabling better care and control.

Learn About Your Seamless Journey With Script Assist 

Let a Digital Platform Revolutionise Your Prescription for Medical Cannabis in the UK

Either way, you’ve now got a decision to make regarding your prescription cannabis in the UK. Do you want to use the leading medical cannabis dispensary in the UK? 

You can either walk into the first clinic you see offering you a heavily discounted first consultation, but prepare yourself that it might not a bumpy ride, or you can guarantee precision in every prescription with Script Assist.  

Want to know some of the more common complaints with medical cannabis clinics not using Script Assist?

  • My cannabis UK prescription was out-of-stock at the pharmacy, so I needed to ask my clinic for a new medical cannabis prescription.
  • My UK prescription for cannabis contained an error, so I needed to ask my medical cannabis clinic to re-write it.
  • My prescription for cannabis in the UK wasn’t delivered to me before I ran out of medication.

Want to know what your different options to access Script Assist are? 

There are three ways that you can use Script Assist to access your medical cannabis prescription in the UK. 

For those seeking a seamless private medical cannabis prescription in the UK, head over to the Find a Doctor page and connect with a Script Assist enabled private doctor today.

Firstly, you can go straight to our Find a Doctor page here. Connect seamlessly with a doctor using Script Assist to enable seamless access to prescriptions for medical cannabis in the UK. 

Secondly, you can wait for your existing clinic to let you know that they are now using Script Assist and your medical cannabis private prescription in the UK journey will soon be revolutionised. 

Thirdly, you can wait until your existing private doctor signs up to Script Assist and offers to revolutionise your medical cannabis prescribing journey themselves.

Frequently asked Questions

Medical Cannabis UK Prescription FAQs

Yes, cannabis is legal as a medication in the whole of the UK. It is mostly prescribed as an unlicensed medication, which means that you will have needed to try licensed medication beforehand.

The easiest way to get cannabis on prescription in the UK from private doctors is to use Script Assist. By using Script Assist private doctors are able to ensure seamless service to their patients.

By heading over to our Find a Doctor page you can search for doctors able to consider cannabis on prescription in the UK.

On our Find a Doctor page you can also search for doctors by location and see which of these doctors offer in-person consultations.

Cannabis prescriptions in the UK have been legal since 2018, with no restrictions on the conditions it can be prescribed for.

Almost all medical cannabis in the UK is paid for by the patient, with only a handful of prescriptions funded by the NHS.  

If you live in Wales you can connect with any of our Script Assist doctors online, and we also have a number of doctors based in Wales.  

If you live in Northern Island you can connect with any of our Script Assist doctors. 

Yes there are a number of medical cannabis pharmacies in the UK, however for a truly streamlined digital experience try Script Assist today.

No. If you’re eligible for medical cannabis in the UK simply head over to our Find a Doctor page