Looking for an Easy Private Cannabis Prescription in the UK?

Looking for an easy, low-cost cannabis prescription in the UK – You’ve come to the right place! From choosing a private doctor to fully streamlined digital prescriptions, we’re here to make life easier.

Effortless Private Cannabis Prescriptions in the UK

Script Assist connects you to private doctors for holistic, personalised care and digitally streamlined private cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

Find a Doctor 

  • Go to our Find a Doctor page.
  • Choose a doctor for your condition.
  • Submit an enquiry.

Schedule & Hold a Consultation 

  • Book a slot in your doctor’s diary.
  • Pay for your consultation via the App.
  • Join your consultation via the App.

Pay & Track Your Prescription

  • Track your private cannabis prescription in the UK all the way to your door-step.
  • Pay for your prescription via the App.
  • Pay by 3pm for 1pm next-day delivery.

Request Repeats of Your Prescription  

  • Your App will notify you when you’re running low on medication.
  • Request a repeat prescription via the App.
  • Live, transparent inventory levels.

Without realising it, you’re now standing at a fork in the road. Choose wisely.  

The first road was built when time began, forged by the pioneers of a new industry moving heaven and earth to provide access to patients as fast as they could.

This road, the “old road,” was built with whatever tools were available at the time, mostly Microsoft Excel. You’ll eventually arrive at a suitable destination for sure, it just may not be the destination you set out to reach.

You’re probably also going to turn up at least a little late, a bit roughed up and urgently notifying all around you that you’ll be heading straight to the facilities.  

The second road, the “new road,” was built much slower, taking years to complete and built with the latest tools in digital platform technology, by people with decades of experience in building smooth, digital roads.

This road has fewer destinations, but you’ll arrive at the one you set out for, five minutes early and sipping on a latte, desperate to tell all around about this great new route.

You may also be able to claim back the cost of your petrol on your private insurance. Welcome to 2024. 

Your choice is simple

  • The New Road: A private doctor or cannabis clinic using Script Assist. 
  • The Old Road: A cannabis clinic not using Script Assist. 

As with everything in life, there’s trade-offs to be made, and we’ll give you a clear understanding of your different options for a UK private cannabis prescription.

We’d also love to take the time to teach you the seven the secrets behind all successful digital platforms like Script Assist, and those you order food or taxis from.

Want to know why our road for UK private cannabis prescriptions is so, so smooth?  

Script Assist is an easy-to-use App that connects you, your doctor & clinic, and a pharmacy together. Simple. 

You can all now engage in perfect harmony because there’s a digital platform controlling the parameters of each action, by anyone, at any time. It means that things work smoothly for your private cannabis prescription in the UK.  

Easily Book & Hold Consultations Through the App 

Seamlessly Pay Through the App  

Track Your Prescription at Every Step 

View Live Inventory 24/7  

Choose Between Current or Equivalent UK Medical Cannabis Prescription

(at doctor’s discretion) 

Request Repeat with One-Click  

Access Hard Copy Prescription 24/7 via App  

Pay by 3pm to Guarantee Next-Day Delivery Before 1pm 

Just getting a taxi to arrive at your house on time, was a weekly strain you didn’t need. These days, we’re hopping mad if our taxi takes ten minutes to arrive.

Why on earth did we need to bring computers and phones in-between something so simple as taxi drivers and riders? Because there are too many variables, particularly when things start to go wrong.

A local taxi company does their best to route-plan, manage incoming requests, deal with complains and transfer information between rider and driver. It can work fine during the week, but on a busy Saturday night, often collapses.

By giving you and you driver access to the same information in real-time, and controlling the options presented to both parties, Ride Hailing App revolutionised our ability to get from A to B.

Correct, getting a private cannabis prescription in the UK is much more complicated. Hence the need for a digital platform making the road smooth for everyone.

Script Assist’s road to in the UK for private prescriptions for cannabis is so, so smooth because we give everyone the digital interface they need, rapidly automating manual tasks and allowing us to perfectly control the outcomes.

We define when someone is allowed to perform an action (write a digital prescription, for example) and ensure that this particular action is 100% achievable (of an in-stock product). It’s called journey management, only for private cannabis prescriptions in the UK.

Script Assist: More Patient Choices  

If you live in a big city in the UK, you’re able to go on a global culinary journey sat whilst say in front of the tele. It’s a mind-blowing level of choice.  

First, you can select from a digital directory of Script Assist enabled doctors, each of whom are able to offer private cannabis prescription in the UK.

You can select the doctor that suits you best, you even make sure that they are covered by the same insurance provider as you, should you have personal or company private medical insurance. 

Second, and if you currently have a private cannabis prescription in the UK, this one is going to blow your mind, when it comes to requesting your repeat every month, you have full visibility over live inventory directly from your Script Assist App.  

Choose either any medical cannabis product that you’ve already been prescribed, or if allowed by your doctor, choose any equivalent.

Here’s the second golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Script Assist: Enhancing Efficiency 

Remember the days of phoning in your order to a take-away? After waiting around whilst the restaurant scrambled to find someone free to speak to you, you managed to communicate most of your order (you hoped).  

They told you 30 minutes on the phone, but the order taker didn’t know someone else just took an order for a party of 25. Ninety minutes later your order turns up without the sweet and sour sauce you so desperately wanted. Nostalgic just reading about it isn’t it?   

Fast forward to the modern world and obviously these problems have been eradicated by the efficiency of digital platforms.  

Order for a party of 25 just before you? Your digital platform will notify you that your delivery time will be about 90 minutes. Want to specify the portion size of your sweet and sour sauce? No problem.

  • Want to easily select a doctor that works for you? No problem.
  • Want to book a consultation easily in your app and then just click your notification to join? Simple. 
  • Fancy just paying simply through the same app? Makes sense.  
  • How about seamlessly tracking your prescription in the app? Easy. 
  • Want to quickly check live inventory levels? One quick click away. 

Script Assist: Enabling Speed

Efficiency is the enabler of speed. When ordering a repeat private cannabis prescription in the UK via Script Assist, if your doctor approves your request on the same day, you will generally have your repeat delivered within 72 hours. 

In almost all cases, if you pay by 3pm then you’ll receive your medication by 1pm the next day! 

Here’s the fourth golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Script Assist: Enabling Transparency   

So, what can go wrong? Well, lots of things. Your taxi driver could have had a flat tyre, or decided they had something better to do with their evening.  

Maybe something isn’t wrong, wrong though (like your taxi driver knocking off early) but only a little bit wrong (like some traffic). Maybe you don’t need to spend ten minutes on hold because it’s actually only a minor issue. Today it’s almost hard to appreciate the benefits from being able to just look at your phone for instant tracking and updates. 

Until you don’t have it. And when the thing you’re trying to track is actually your monthly private cannabis prescription, it can be pretty frustrating.  

One of the huge, huge benefits of connecting everyone in transformative ways is that you can enable total and complete transparency.  
We enable you to track your private cannabis prescription in the UK every step of the journey, from the second it leaves your doctor’s clinic to the second it reaches your door.  

You can relax in the knowledge that Script Assist provides you with the seamless and transparent journey for your private cannabis prescription in the UK. 

Here’s the fifth golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Script Assist: Reducing Cost    

Because we enable regular private doctors, that are covered by regular private insurance, to provide to regular patients with insurance cover, any patients that chose a doctor covered by the same insurance provider as them, can use their insurance to cover the cost of their consultation, in line-with their normal policy terms. Amazing right? 

Here’s the sixth golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Script Assist: Enhancing Safety and Security     

Imagine the stress at not being able to freely and easily carry around your medication, for fear of not being able to prove you’re simply a legal owner of a private cannabis prescription in the UK. 

With Script Assist we give you access to your actual UK cannabis prescription via your Script Assist Patient App. 

This means that no matter where you are, as long as you have your phone with you, you can prove with 100% certainty that you are a legal medical cannabis patient with a UK private cannabis prescription.  

Here’s the seventh golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Script Assist: Enabling Better Health Outcomes 

When you start a new project at work do you often set goals? Are they measurable? Do they help? 

These seem like ridiculous questions when we’re talking about something as important as work! 

But what about your health? Does it not make sense to take the same approach?  

When you stop and think about it, it’s feels crazy that setting health-based objectives and measuring progress against those goals isn’t simply standard practise. It seems so obvious. 

The truth is that there’s challenges to you doing this every time you go and see your GP. Firstly, how will these goals be measured and collected? Will it be via a new app or your NHS Digital App? If your NHS Digital App, will that be this century or the next? 

One of the many incredible features on offer with Script Assist is that we enable doctors and patients to agree health & wellness goals that can be easily measured and tracked via the Script Assist patient App. 

We empower you to measure and monitor how your health and wellness goals respond to different private cannabis prescription in the UK. We empower you with data to ensure that you have the right medical cannabis prescription in the UK for you! 

Whether or not you set goals and measure your performance against these is to be agreed directly between yourself and your doctor but it’s another great example of Script Assist putting more power and control into your hand! 

In future releases we will be integrating Script Assist with the Apple and Google Android wearables eco-systems, enabling even more seamlessness for our users in collecting their health and wellness data. 

Here’s the eighth golden rule of all digital platforms, whether for food, taxis, or UK private cannabis prescriptions:  

Want to know how to find this “smooth road”?