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Want Medical Cannabis for Cancer-Related Pain? Keep it simple

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Exploring Cannabis for Cancer-Related Pain 

Understanding Cancer-Related Pain 

The Emergence of Medical Cannabis in Pain Management

Understanding Medical Cannabis for Cancer-Related Pain: The UK Perspective 

Research and Evidence 

The Patient Experience of Medical-Cannabis for Cancer Related Pain

Since Script Assist was established in 2019 we’ve helped many patients suffering from cancer-related pain.  These stories not only shed light on how medical cannabis can be life changing for those suffering from cancer-related pain but show how Script Assist’s ability to provide seamless care can also change lives.

Ben, a 61-year-old male suffering from bowel cancer has been using medical cannabis, prescribed by a Script Assist enabled doctor, since January 2022. During that time, he’s gained two and a half stone in weight and his sleep scores (which he tracks every day using his Script Assist App) have improved dramatically.

Asif a 68-year-old male cancer sufferer has been using medical cannabis, prescribed by a Script Assist enabled doctor, since September 2021. During that time Asif has managed to totally replace his opioids with medical cannabis, enabling him a totally new lease of life.

At Script Assist, it’s stories like these that give us the passion to continue driving forwards in our mission to make medical cannabis accessible to all private patients in the UK, particularly for those looking for medical cannabis for cancer related pain. 

Moving Forwards with Script Assist 

These private doctors are all trained by Script Assist and have the ability to seamlessly prescribe you medical cannabis for cancer-related pain, if your eligible and they believe that this is the most appropriate form of treatment.